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Hello world!

Posted by buthaina on June 7, 2006

Welcome to Blend Out via Informal Learning. This blog was created as one of the assignments I should have completed for Week 2 at the current session, Unworkshop 2, by Jay Cross. I am so excited to be in this course where I’m hoping to learn more from and with all of the participants and moderators.

Unworkshop 2 has come on the right time for me at this point of my learning process as I am desperate to learn more about best practices on how to effectively integrate informal learning to teach ESP, English for Business for a group of branch managers in a local bank here in my country, Kuwait. I actually tried to do that last April-May when I was requested by the HR of Gulf Bank of Kuwait to design and teach a six-week ESP, (English for Business) course . Since the focus was on helping the group of bankers to improve their communication skills, including speaking and writing, I thought of utilizing some of the simple free of charge technologies that supported voice and text chat on the Interent, like,, and podcasting via I also tried to integarte Jay’s informal learning principles, which I’ve been learning from and following earlier through his blog, Internet Time. I hope to learn more during this session in order to be able to make a better “pancake“.

This is only a general short note about the purpose of creating this blog and why I am in Unworkshop .


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