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A Much Better Pancake!

Posted by buthaina on June 14, 2006

Yes, I agree with all of you in Unworkshop2..Our second live online session via Skypecast and Vyew  worked very well on Monday, June 12. I really enjoyed the text-conversation through Vyew and listening to the presenters via the skypecast. Thank you all..Below is a screen shot, taken during our session just for our record and documentation. 

A screen shot of monday's live online session 


3 Responses to “A Much Better Pancake!”

  1. ah ha – I now see how a skypecast participant can request the microphone. What operating system are you using?

  2. Buth said

    I’m using, Window XP.

    BTW, I’ve tried to join your community at Elgg but couldn’t figured how to do that, yet. Will try again later.

  3. u5481u4e0du5982u518du53bbu8003u591au4e00u6b21u8a66u5416,nu5481u6a23u54aau5514u6d17u641eu5481u591au5622u56c9,nu597du5514u597du5440? :p Click

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